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"I've been accused of being an animal maniac but I prefer 'animal sidekick'. I'm a true animal soul, that prefers cuddles,  wet noses, warm licks and love at first sight. I have vast knowledge on most animals, domestic pets or feral. I'm big on animal rescue as half my pets are rescued and find it very difficult not to get involved and save a life. My experience ranges from dogs & cats to fish and birds, including exotic - snakes, tortoises, pigs, goats, donkeys and wildlife like wild boar pigs and monkeys. I've hugged and snuggled most of them while being bottle fed. I've studied as a Veterinarian Nurse and therefore know the in's and out's, the importance of taking care of your animals and making them one of my own. So you can rest assured that they are safe and happy with me."

Veterinary Nursing Diploma

Celeste is new to Pet P.A. and her recommendations will appear here soon.

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