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Claudia has always been a keen horse rider and dog lover who enjoyed working with difficult animals. Problems with one of her own dogs after a move led her to meet Anton Fichtlmeier, a government approved behaviourists near
Munich (Germany) who guided her to learn about dog behaviourism and helped her improving her training skills. This interest remained a hobby until the need for a Trainer and Behaviourist at the International Center for Veterinary Services (ICVS) in Beijing arose where Claudia was living at the time.

Since 2014 Claudia assisted dog owners there and in private consultations in finding a more harmonious way of living with their dogs. She also worked with various rescue groups. Many of the dogs Claudia dealt with in China were rescue or feral dogs with major anxiety issues. 

In order to be better equipped still to meet the needs of dogs and clients Claudia completed the COAPE Diploma in Animal Behaviour, attended several TTouch courses, did training courses via the Karyn Prior Academy, studied dog nutrition
and body language through COMPASS UK and still continues to study further as she loves the scientific side of this work. After returning to South Africa she worked at Guide Dogs for the Blind overseeing the Puppy Raising Program. Family
obligations led her to resign and she is now again doing private behaviour consultations and individual dog training. Her main focus is the harmonious living-together of pets and
humans in any given setup. She focuses on being an advocate for the animals and helping owners understand their pets. Problems are solved by analyzing and explaining the underlying reasons for a dog’s behaviour and trying to find 

Diploma in Canine Communication with Distinction - I.S.A.P. & Compass UK
Diploma in Dog Nutrition - Compass UK
Diploma in Dog Communication - Compass UK 
Comprehensive Dog Trainer - Karen Pryor Academy USA
Canine Freestyle - Karen Pryor Academy USA