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Being around pets is my lifestyle. It just feels natural. I adore furry, feathered and scale friends. I started out pet sitting in school days in 1994 standard 9 in Durban North. Its not only a rewarding experience  but its taught me about different behaviours and learning about different and unique breeds of pets along the years to date. 

Being a snorkler with my dad back in my day has taught me how to look after fresh and sea water fishes and marine life. And to appreciate our beautiful animal planet. 
From special needs pets to exotic breeds of dogs, cats and bird life even down to slithering reptiles.

Bookings were a breeze; Staff are friendly; Logistics were easy to arrange; We also appreciated the effort made for the pre consultation visits; The portal app is a nice touch and a great way to keep in touch especially for daily updates and changes in plans.

Gregory is new to Pet P.A. and his references will appear here soon

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