- Pet Care Provider Trainee -

Over Night Stay

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I have grown up surrounded by animals as my father bred Rotweillers and we have shared our home with several cats over the years - all of whom sparked a deep love and appreciation for animals in me. I have the utmost respect for animals and believe they all deserve good treatment and care (including farm animals, hence why I have been a vegetarian and animal rights activist for over 4 years. I plan to one day transition to veganism to pay tribute to the animals in our world who have unfortunately been unfairly mistreated). I Personally, I try my best to love and care for people's pets (including my own) to the best of my ability and love nothing more than spending time playing/ giving affection to fur babies. I have been involved in pet sitting for family and friends since 2017 and am eager to add to my experience. I hope to expand my knowledge of animals through working with them to better my care-taking abilities and look forward to all pet sitting opportunities to come.


Pet CPR, Pet First Aid & Animal Emergency certified


- parkhurst

Sage is great, she is responsible, responsive, and self-driven. I felt very confident and my mind was totally at ease knowing she was taking care of the kitties and the house.    I could totally enjoy my holidays. Very grateful for that.

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