This natural fur freshening powder is designed to cleanse pet’s skin and hair by gently lifting away and absorbing oils and dirt. Instantly revives & deodorises the coat. Keeps your dog’s fur fresh and odourless between baths. Added Diatomaceous Earth and Kaolin Klay may provide soothing relief for many skin problems.

Perfect for pets who don’t enjoy water baths. It can be used in between washes for a quick freshen-up: on cold days: or to freshening carpets and/ or pet bedding.


• Finest 100% natural ingredients
• It contains Diatomaceous Earth and Lavender for soothing relief to many skin problems.
• Scented with pure essential oils
• Eco-friendly
• Certified Cruelty-Free

Pannatural Pets Dry Shampoo – Fur Freshener Powder