Dog & Cat Behaviourist

Pet P.A. is proud to have a qualified Dog & Cat Behaviourist on board! 

If you have a pet that has suddenly started acting out of character, is stressed due to a neighbouring pet or perhaps you have moved (or about to move) we recommend that you book a consultation with our qualified Behaviourist. Being qualified in both dog and cat behaviour, we're sure to have you covered! 

Situations can include
- Integrating a new pet with an existing pet/s.
- Just moved into a new property or preparing pets to move to a new property.
- Inappropriate, stress-related urination
- Pets that become destructive or a nuisance to neighbours due to boredom.
- Separation anxiety
plus many more


Pet P.A.’s behaviourist will come to your home for a 60-minute consultation to assess the situation, pet and home environment - we also offer this service online for some cases. We will then follow this up with a written report on the issue as well as recommendations on how to rectify/ correct the situation. Furthermore, we include a 30 minute follow up consultation to check progress or discuss any further concerns or queries you may have! 

We also offer additional follow up consultations should the issue not be remedied or requires ongoing work. You no longer have to suffer with unruly behaviour! Pet P.A. has the solution at a price that is affordable.