Dog Walking

Every Pet P.A. Walker is certified in Pet CPR, Animal Emergencies & Pet First Aid! Giving you peace of mind that your pets are in competent, qualified care and that our Walkers will know what to do in the unlikely event of an emergency. 


We offer a variety of dog walking options to suit you (and your dogs’) needs & requirements:


Behavioural Walk

oes your dog need to be trained how to walk well on a lead? These walks are done by our qualified Behaviourist & Trainer and are specifically created to teach your dog good dog walking etiquette on a leash, so that when you do want to take them for a walk around the block, you can enjoy a well-trained and behaved dog that will not pull you. Please note: This is a training exercise and is not a long-term dog walking option! It is recommended that these training walks be done until you have a calm dog during walks, thereafter you can switch to any of our other dog walking services.

A Walk Around The Block

Do you just need your dog to be walked around the block? We can do this on a day and time that is convenient for you! Around a 45-minute walk for your best friend to enjoy the fresh air and stretch their legs, provided that they walk well on a leash. 

A Trip To The Park
Do you have a socialised dog who loves to play off lead, romp and roam around sniffing? This option is great for dogs who are used to car rides and know how to recall. For about 60 minutes, we can take them to your local park, and let them play and run as they please, provided that they are all comfortable travelling in a car. 

Dog Jog
Do you have a high energy or working breed dog with high energy? We have just the person for you! We will take your dog for a 30-minute jog around the block to burn off excess energy so that you can come home to a calmer, happier dog, provided that they run well on a leash. 

Stimulation Sessions

Pet P.A. is the first to offer stimulation sessions for your dog/s! If you don't want them to go for walks, but they are still highly active and/ or energetic dogs that need someone to stimulate them mentally and physically, Pet P.A. offers just the solution! We come to your home with all the right toys and tools to interact with and stimulate your dog/s in your garden. Also great for shy dogs who prefer the safety of their yard.