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- Pet Nutritionist -

Dog Nutrition

Cat Nutrition

- Pet's Pantry Co-creator -

My love for animals has lead me to complete my masters MSc(Agric) degree in 2021 which has provided me with in-depth knowledge on animal genetics and nutrition. I have always believed that prevention is better than cure, which sparked my interest in animal nutrition, genetics, and physiology. Every animal is unique! This means that some nutrition that may work for one animal may not work for another. I believe in having a holistic approach for every animal’s situation and understanding the animals specific needs. The knowledge of nutrition enables the treatment and
prevention of some illnesses and genetic disorders. Having experienced the benefits of correct pet nutrition with my own animals, I believe nutrition consultations can benefit and help all pets!

- MSc (Agric) Animal Breeding and Genetics 
- BSc (Agric) Animal Sciences 

The above qualifications have provided me with practical qualifications such as body condition scoring and FAMACHA scoring which are paramount in an animals’ well-being.