How To Stop Dogs From Jumping Up

It is a greeting behaviour that they have learned brings them attention! Dogs learn that if only sometimes they get attention when they jump up, that it is worthwhile trying again. Sometimes though, that attention comes in the form of being pushed away and laughed at.

What NOT to do to change the behaviour:

Pushing your dog away: This will not work as some dogs may think it’s a game! You are also giving your dog valuable attention by touching them.

Telling your dog ‘no’ or ‘ah ah’ or ‘stop’: You are still giving your dog the attention they crave! You are most likely looking at them, and you are definitely speaking to them.

Do not use any form of physical punishment. This will only serve to teach your dog you are willing to hurt them and lead to your dog being fearful and anxious around you and other people.

What TO DO to change the behaviour:

Ignore the jumping: Twist your body so that the dog slides off. Wait for a few

seconds and reward your dog for ‘4 paws on the floor’.

Teach and cue an incompatible behaviour such as sit or down before the jump.

Distract your dog’s attention with a toy or treats before they jump up. Once they have settled, cue a sit or down and reward them with attention.

Teach your dog to greet people calmly with the following steps:

• Start with your dog or puppy on lead. Ask for a sit, click and reward if your dog stays in position while a person approaches. Repeat 5 – 6 times in a row. Practice this everywhere you can. The person approaching does not even need to acknowledge the dog at this stage.

• Soon your dog or puppy will learn that it is more rewarding to stay calm than get too excited and choose to sit on its own accord.

Disclaimer: We compile our information from various sources and have no rights to the information contained herein.

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