Why Cat's Won't Drink Next To Where They Eat

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

We've always been taught growing up that you put your pets food and water bowls next to each other. But how often have you seen your cat or kitten eat its food and then drink water from the bowl right next to it?

It's most likely that your cat has some other drinking spot away from its food they they prefer to use. Whether it be your glass of water on the coffee table, or the dog's water bowl outside.

That's because a wild cat will never drink water from a source if it’s near its freshly killed prey. The cat’s instincts says that the water could be contaminated by the dead prey.

And since domestic cats are still very closely linked to wild cats, this instinct has never left them!

So the next time you fill up the water bowl, we suggest putting it somewhere else in the room, or near their favourite place they usually drink from.

Disclaimer: We have compiled our information from various different sources and we claim no rights to any of the information obtained herein.

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