Rivonia Village Vet & Pet PA Pair Up For Education Evening

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Recently Rivonia Village Vet exclusively offered Pet PA an information evening where we got to learn all about Parasites and the importance of Parasite Control!

Dr Anthea Fleming kindly put together a presentation to educate pet owners and carers about what parasites look like, how they affect their hosts and what diseases may come from them.

We also got to 'go to the back' where all the cool veterinary stuff happens, and we got to see first-hand how a clinic looks and runs. A huge Thank You to Dr Anthea Fleming and her team at Rivonia Village Vet! We learnt so much and are appreciative of your time and effort provided to Pet PA.

If you, as a pet owner, are looking for a caring practice that will provide sound advise and recommendation, we highly recommend Rivonia Village Vet! They take the time to explain, in simple terms, what the issues are and how prevention is better than cure. They provide "Total Care, for Life".

And as one of the top Pet Sitting companies in South Africa, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with superior service and this information evening goes to show that we go above and beyond the average to educate ourselves, which in turn, provides our clients with better pet care when Pet PA is looking after you pets!

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