Valentine's Day Pet Safety Tips

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Valentine's Day is an exciting time for most people!

Either going on a date with your crush, partner or spouse, or a Galentine's Dinner with the ladies...

Either way, it's a night for you to clutch out of the daily grind and feel the love from those around you. But don't forget about your pets at home! Our treats and pleasures, may cause pain and suffering for them!

We all love to receive beautiful flowers on the day but please be warned that Lilies are highly toxic to cats, and may be fatal. And as we all know, chocolate isn't good for dogs.

Candles, decorations and sweets may also be harmful for your pets so please take care this Valentine's Day. And if you don't have a date for the night, why not treat your best friend with a special dinner and bonding time on the couch watching The Notebook again <3

Disclaimer: We have compiled our information from various different sources and we claim no rights to any of the information obtained herein.

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